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The Promise of Lightning

Best Selling Paranormal Romance Debut

Polyamorous romance, Greek mythology and a whole lotta tension and spicy spice!

Finding your soulmate should be easy. At least, when the Goddess Aphrodite is involved — but Vanessa Reyes’ life seems more Greek Tragedy than Happily Ever After.
When a supposed clerical error turns the moment Vanessa has spent all her life waiting for into a nightmare instead of a dream-come-true, she finds herself in an unprecedented situation.
With two soulmates instead of one; Alexander, Vanessa and Theo are forced to question everything they ever wanted an
d where they truly belong. After all, can you really be whole with only half of your soul?

Praise for The Promise of Lightning

Amazon Customer

So well-written and I loved the slow burn. All of the characters are well fleshed out and the spice was fitting as well as hot. Loved it!
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